Conditioning & Injury Prevention Program

Conditioning, strength, and core balance are key factors in keeping athletes healthy and avoiding injury when returning to sports. COVID-19 has caused an extended break for a majority of high school student athletes, putting our young athletes at risk for increased injury with the return of sports in 2021.

AT UCSF, we have developed the Conditioning and Injury Prevention Program (CIPP), a safe evidence-based evaluation of youth athletes and their risk for injury prior to return to sport. The program is based on tests that will evaluate their injury history, psychological readiness, strength, aerobic capacity, and core balance. Our performance and biomechanics experts then provide guidance and feedback on how to decrease injury with exercise recommendations to perform as they return to sports.

The Evaulation
  • Aerobic Capacity & Conditioning
  • Strength Ratio - Quad/Hamstring Testing
  • Balance and Stability - Star Excursion Balance Test
What you get
  • Personalized guidance on the exercises to perform to minimize the risk of injury when sports resume
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