Gina Biviano

Manager of Athletic Trainers & PlaySafe Program

Gina joined the UCSF PlaySafe athletic training staff in the summer of 2010. She was promoted to Manager of Athletic Trainers and the PlaySafe Program in 2021 and oversees all aspects of the services the athletic training team provides in the UCSF Sports Medicine Clinic as well as at all of our member schools.

Gina believes that certified athletic trainers play a critical role in preventing, assessing, and treating injuries and illnesses to anyone who is physically active. This is especially important for youth athletes and those with barriers to accessing quality healthcare or specialty services. It is her hope that one day every high school athlete will have an athletic trainer at their school. For this reason, she is proud to be a part of the PlaySafe Outreach Program and believes it plays a significant role in helping to improve the physical and mental health of our athletic community. In addition to overseeing the program, Gina is also a practicing athletic trainer at Lowell High School and serves as the Head Athletic Trainer for the SFUSD and medical liaison for the CIF-SF Section office.

Gina has spent her career advocating for the recognition and regulation of the athletic training profession in CA and for youth sport safety initiatives. For this dedication she has been asked to join numerous committees and is an invited lecturer on many topics that include injury prevention, acute concussion management, mental health and wellness promotion, and leadership. Gina loves teaching and serving as a mentor to her AT staff and high school students who are involved in the Lowell Sports Medicine Club.

Prior to UCSF, Gina received her Master’s in Kinesiology from San José State University while working at Santa Clara University as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer. She also has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Athletic Training from Chapman University.

Currently Gina is active in the California Athletic Trainers’ Association (CATA) as a member of the Governmental Affairs Committee. Her goal is to gain governmental recognition of the athletic training profession and licensure of athletic trainers in the state of California.

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